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The Xperiment is a musical entity that spans from original music to covers songs.  The Xperiment was established in 2006. We have also played most of the club circuits in the PA, NJ, NY and DE areas in many forms.

We are a four piece band and sometimes The Xperiment is broken down to a duet. 

Members Include:
Linda on Keyboards, percussion and vocals

Dave Brodnick - Drums

Erick McGinnis - 5-sting bass and vocals
Mark - Guitars, keyboards and vocals

Cover Song Music
The music we select is danceable, likable and gives an essence of familiarity  (See our cover song set list).  We are referred to as a, 'breath of fresh air'.  We have a good local following in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area and we are known for our unique entertainment, song selections and orchestrated sound scapes. 

Original Music

All of our original music is on BandCamp, DistroKid and SoundCloud. We have several videos of our original compositions on YouTube.  

We use various musicians in recording our original musical compositions and have collaborated with other artist to accomplish the musical production of the recordings and videos.

We hope you enjoy some of our musical productions and please subscribe to our social media networks in support.

                                                                                                     Thank you from The Xperiment!

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