The Xperiment started in 2006 with the concept of being a instrumental based band. Well, between two lead singers it was hard to hold back a few songs with vocals and lyrics on our first album, 'Chromatic Movements'. But primarily we leaned more toward instrumental concepts. We have done many short film scores and continue to produce short movie clips and original music concepts using various artist. 

Linda and I continue to record and create videos fitting to our music. Through out the years we have played with many different artist on each album and continue that same path on our new upcoming album. From instrumentals to soothing harmonies, we seem to cover a lot of ground and keep our music diverse.

We have played live as a band and duet mixing in our originals and covers songs. We wanted to play our studio songs live using some of the area's best talent and this was possible through social media connections.  

Studio Musicians- We have had various types of studio musicians on all of our albums. I think it keeps things fresh and new. And going into the unknown is why we came up with the band name, 'The Xperiment' ( 'experiment', with an X).

We hope you enjoy some of our musical productions and please subscribe to our social media networks in support.

                                                                                                     Thank you!

Linda - Keyboards, Vocals and Percussion

Mark - Guitars, Bass, Vocals and Percussion